Monday, 22 October 2012

Visited the Australian Open House on 21st Oct 2012

It was a sense of being in a shopping mall of Australian Universities and Institutions. I really had a "OH MY GOD" feeling when I stepped in to the venue. As we all behave in a typical shopping mall, I explored the area and gather quiet a lot of interesting facts. With new Australian rules and regulations I still felt that Tasmania has much to offer for international students. Apart from all these University of Tasmania has been providing generous scholarships to international students awarded on the basis of academic merit. Now isn't that cool?

Without a second thought I applied for a MBA - Specialisation programme (2 years) with University of Tasmania for Feb 2013 intake. According to the officer from UTAS, it takes about 4 - 6 weeks to know the results on your application. Although in the website its mentioned as 5 working days to process your application, I believe this is a busy period for them. Eagerly waiting for my Letter of Offer and I really hope that I can get that scholarship!! Keeping my fingers crossed...

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  1. Hello!! Good luck in your future endeavour! Have fun on this journey!!!